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99.9 ~ Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Episode 2 SUB

The conviction rate for criminal cases in Japan is 99.9%. However, this hides a big danger. Once indicted, there is a tendency to accept the prosecution’s story at face value. There are also extremely few lawyers that specialise in criminal cases. Therefore, a thorough verification is very difficult. Miyama Hiroto is a poor, young, unconventional lawyer who constantly accepts criminal cases which are not lucrative. He fixates on the remaining 0.1% and pursues the truth until he is satisfied. One day, Miyama is headhunted by Madarame Haruhiko who heads one of Japan’s four largest legal firms, for his track record of pulling off “not guilty” verdicts many times over. He is moved with paralegal Akashi Tatsuya to the dedicated criminal cases team which has been set up in the name of corporate social responsibility. But the person who is supposed to be his buddy and the head of the team is Sada Atsuhiro, an ace in civil cases. Sada serves as legal counsel to a big company and makes big money for the law firm. Although he reluctantly agreed to the transfer when Madarame offered to make him a managing partner after one year, he shows absolute disinterest in unprofitable criminal cases. Moreover, lawyer Tachibana Ayano, who is the other member, has grudgingly joined the team on Madarame’s orders because criminal cases are a completely different field from her work so far. This team gets a request to defend a murder case. The client Akagi Yoshio owns a transportation business. He was arrested on a charge of killing an online shopping company’s president who would send the media into a frenzy as the whizz kid of the distribution industry. But Akagi does not remember the day of the incident because he was drunk and denies involvement in the case. He insists he is innocent. However, according to an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office, Akagi has sufficient motive. In addition to physical evidence such as fingerprints on the murder weapon and security camera footage, the victim had unilaterally broken off a contract with Akagi. Everything is not in Akagi’s favour. Sada, who was a former prosecutor, demands that Miyama do the job of a lawyer and search for extenuating circumstances after making Akagi admit his guilt and show remorse. However, Miyama will not give up, “What is crucial is the truth rather than investigation records. Even if he is considered guilty in that 99.9%, the truth may be hidden in the 0.1%.” A possibility pops into Miyama’s mind as he examines the circumstances of the case carefully. But he needs Sada’s power in order to look for it. Will they be able to bring the truth to light?