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Something About 1% (2016) Episode 6 RECAP

There likely won’t ever be an end to the bickering with someone like Jae-in as one-half of this contract couple, but now both Da-hyun and Jae-in are starting to show just how much they care about one another. While misunderstandings do spring up this episode, Jae-in and Da-hyun are finally starting to talk to each other and not just at each other. It’s amazing to see how far just a little communication can go.

EPISODE 6: “Just Like Everyone Else: Spending time together in our busy lives”

Just as Lawyer Park is about to take his leave, in walks Da-hyun with a slinky pink dress and a fancy updo — Jae-in’s eyeballs almost pop out in shock when he realizes who he’s looking at. She confidently takes a seat and beams when Lawyer Park compliments her outfit, to Jae-in’s great displeasure.

Jae-in tells Da-hyun that her dress is so revealing that she might as well be naked, but Da-hyun throws back the comments she overheard in the elevator, remarking pointedly that the way she used to dress was a bit “old-fashioned.”

The comment goes completely over Jae-in’s head, and he tells her that her old style was way better than what she’s wearing now. Ignoring Jae-in’s nagging, Da-hyun strikes up a conversation with Lawyer Park instead, and all Jae-in can do is sit back and sip his water in visible frustration.

At SH Mall, Tae-ha and his father try to figure out Da-hyun’s identity, wondering why Jae-in would date an average schoolteacher like her. Tae-ha assures his father that he’s already got someone tailing the couple, and the conversation moves on to Tae-ha’s love life, with Tae-ha’s father promising to find a match for him soon.

Back at the restaurant, Lawyer Park steps away briefly to take a call, and Jae-in glares at Da-hyun in disbelief. He notices the lingering glances that other men nearby are giving her, and insists that Da-hyun take his jacket despite her objections.

The two of them sit grumpily at the table until Lawyer Park gets back, and after taking a quick sip of her drink, Da-hyun announces that she has to leave. Jae-in asks jealously if she’s off to meet Sun-woo again, but Da-hyun snaps that she has plans with Sun-woo’s sister, Hyun-jin.

Lawyer Park can barely hold it together as he watches the couple squabble, doing his best to hide his laughter. As Da-hyun marches off, Lawyer Park comments to Jae-in that she’s really sexy, and Jae-in indignantly tells him that she’s not usually sexy.

“She’s totally plain and old-fashioned—…” he starts to say, but that jogs his memory, and he’s reminded of his comments in the elevator. He realizes that he basically brought this upon himself and decides to go after her, making sure to grab the bag that Da-hyun left behind. Ha.

Outside, he catches up to a still angry Da-hyun and hands her bag back to her. Relocating to a nearby bench, Jae-in remarks that it was pretty silly of Da-hyun to act out like that. Da-hyun counters that it must be because she’s so tacky and old-fashioned, but amends that she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Jae-in’s friend when they’re dating.

He smiles to hear that, and tells her that he just doesn’t want to see her dressed like this again. In return, Da-hyun asks him to never insult her behind her back again, and Jae-in insists that it wasn’t an insult — she just didn’t catch the tail end of his conversation with Lawyer Park.

Da-hyun hesitantly asks what the rest of it was, but we don’t get to hear Jae-in’s response, and the scene cuts to a stare-down between Jae-in and Hyun-jin at Hyun-jin’s clothing store.

Jae-in warns Hyun-jin to never give Da-hyun such revealing clothes again, but Hyun-jin argues back that everyone wears clothes like that nowadays. Jae-in replies that he doesn’t care about how other women dress, and as Da-hyun steps out of the fitting room, he makes a point of emphasizing how much prettier she looks in her regular clothes.

Hyun-jin watches the way Jae-in takes Da-hyun out of the store, and remarks to herself that her brother, Sun-woo, is really one step too late this time.

At Grandpa’s home, Jae-in’s mother asks Grandpa why Jae-in is dating Da-hyun if she won’t be of any help businesswise, reminding Grandpa that as Jae-in’s mother, she won’t stand for it if he’s trying to stop Jae-in from coming back to the main branch.

Grandpa tells Jae-in’s mother that Da-hyun has something special, something that could potentially get Jae-in to come back to the main branch. It seems like a pretty good deal to Grandpa, and Jae-in’s mother has nothing to say to that.

Mindlessly eating fried chicken at home, Da-hyun can’t stop thinking back to her conversation with Jae-in earlier that day. It turns out that Jae-in had told her that he liked her because she was plain, not in spite of it. He had teasingly added that she’s a real fox, while also reminding her not to wear something so revealing again.

Da-hyun giggles to herself in the present, and the camera pans out to reveal that Hyun-jin had been sitting across from her all along. Hyun-jin asks if Da-hyun’s this happy because of the fried chicken or because of Jae-in, and Da-hyun swears that she would never betray her Chi-sus (chicken + Jesus).

Hyun-jin knows the truth though, and decides that as Da-hyun’s best friend, she can’t be on bad terms with Jae-in. Hyun-jin grabs Da-hyun’s cellphone, and sends a message of “apology” to Jae-in by attaching a photo of Da-hyun in a sexy black mini-dress. She notes that Jae-in probably likes seeing sexy Da-hyun when the picture’s for his eyes only. Hyun-jin’s right, and Jae-in can’t help but zoom in on the image when he opens the text.

The next morning, Jae-in texts Da-hyun to suggest that they go on a dinner and movie date in the evening. At home, Da-hyun excitedly agrees as she plans her outfit for the night.

Jae-in’s peaceful morning is interrupted when Employee Kang rushes into his office, announcing that there’s a dire situation in the security room. It turns out that there’s a bomb threat at the hotel, and Jae-in tells the security guards to review the manuals and prepare for evacuation.

Employee Park worries that the hotel would suffer backlash if news of an evacuation gets out to the media, but Jae-in admonishes her, arguing that it would be even worse to do nothing. He orders the security team to evacuate the guests if the issue isn’t resolved within an hour.

Jae-in leaves to deal with his next business affair: meeting with one of the hotel’s foreign VIP clients. Just as Jae-in is about to part ways with the client, the client collapses behind him, and Employee Kang frantically calls for an ambulance.

Meanwhile, Da-hyun arrives at their date spot and looks around for Jae-in, completely unaware of the chaos he’s entrenched in at the moment.

As Employee Kang boards the ambulance with the foreign client, he asks Jae-in if he’s planning to get out of the hotel anytime soon. To that, Jae-in responds that no captain abandons a sinking ship, and rushes to get back to the security room.

On his way back, a woman calls out to Jae-in and asks if he isn’t acting a little too distant considering that she crossed the ocean just to see him. This is HAN JOO-HEE (Seo Eun-chae), Jae-in’s ex-fiancée, and Jae-in just says that he’s glad their near-marriage three years ago never came to be.

Joo-hee comments that Jae-in is as busy as ever when he tries to politely take his leave, and she pointedly observes that this is why he’ll never experience true love, noting that this is exactly why she rejected him three years ago.

At that, Jae-in tells Joo-hee that her memory seems to be a little skewed, reminding her that he was the one who rejected her marriage proposal — what she had rejected was the prenuptial contract that he had asked her to sign. (Buuuurn.)

At the security office, Jae-in notices the security footage showing that a mysterious figure had randomly left a bag in the staff room. Moments later, he and his team are in the room, and Jae-in cautiously examines the bag.

Everyone watches with bated breath as he pulls out a small wooden box from inside the bag. He nervously opens the lid, when POP! — a clown toy jumps out of the box, and his employees scream in shock.

Luckily for them, the bomb threat was just a prank, but Jae-in’s unsettled by this breach in security. As he’s dealing with the aftermath of the situation, Jae-in realizes his phone battery has died when Employee Kang calls in through Employee Park’s phone to update him on the VIP client, who thankfully survived the sudden heart attack.

After constantly calling to no avail and waiting hours on end, Da-hyun finally leaves the café where she and Jae-in had promised to meet. Jae-in races over to the café to look for her, but it’s no use — by the time he gets there, she’s already sitting at the bus stop waiting to go home.

Jae-in speeds over to Da-hyun’s house, and catches her at the street in front. She asks bitterly what he’s doing here when it’s so late, and he responds that he’s keeping his promise to her.

He explains that he was stuck at work and thinks better of mentioning the bomb threat, choosing instead to say that he just had an “urgent matter” to attend to. Da-hyun, of course, isn’t buying that, and tells Jae-in that everyone’s busy — but that people just make time for the things that they want to do.

Searching Da-hyun’s face, Jae-in asks if she’s angry with him, and Da-hyun answers that no, she isn’t. She adds that she’s doing her best not to be mad, since all they have to do is meet up for the amount of times outlined in the contract.

Jae-in seems a little hurt to hear that, and he tries to clarify what happened at work when he gets an untimely phone call from Employee Kang, asking him to get back to the office. Jae-in tells Da-hyun that he’ll call her when he gets back, and Da-hyun responds that there’s no need — they can just talk next week, adding that they need to finish up this charade quickly.

Inside her house, Da-hyun finally lets her real feelings show as tears threaten to fall. She tells herself that they’re just dating — it’s not like they’re about to get married or anything. She complains that Jae-in is busy all the time and sighs in frustration.

Jae-in pulls an all-nighter at the office, stopping his work only to take a brief shower.

Da-hyun tells Hyun-jin that Jae-in stood her up, and Hyun-jin thinks that’s strange, noting how much he seemed to care about Da-hyun. The girls agree that a guy would always make time to see the girl he likes no matter how busy, so Hyun-jin asks Da-hyun if she’s disappointed that Jae-in might not like her.

Da-hyun says that she’s not terribly disappointed, but then starts to mumble to herself: “Don’t get confused just because we’ve met up a few times. Don’t fall for that man. Just think of this as practice for when you’re dating for real.”

Even as she’s trying so hard not to get her real feelings mixed up, she looks longingly at her phone screen, just waiting for Jae-in to contact her. Hyun-jin observes how down her friend is, and decides that she’s taking Da-hyun out for lunch and drinks.

In the office, Jae-in is about to make a call to Da-hyun when he gets a call from Grandpa. As the employees at the office complain about all the work Jae-in’s making them do, he walks in to tell them to release news about their new hotel in Hawaii, in hopes that it will divert the media’s attention from the recent bomb threat.

Jae-in goes off to meet with Grandpa to discuss the bomb threat. Jae-in explains that it was all to meticulous for it to just be a simple prank. Grandpa asks if Jae-in has any suspects, and Jae-in answers that he has just one.

Grandpa urges him to quickly take care of the suspect then, and without missing a beat, Jae-in tells him: “To be honest, Grandpa, you’re the most likely suspect.” In shock, Grandpa falls into a massive coughing fit as Jae-in suggests that Grandpa probably wants to recuperate his losses by buying up Jae-in’s hotel now that it’s doing well.

Jae-in assures Grandpa that he’ll report back as soon as the police investigation results are out, and Grandpa just stands there for a bit, before devolving into laughter as Jae-in walks away.

In his car, Jae-in tries to get a hold of Da-hyun, but she doesn’t pick up. At home, Da-hyun comes out of the shower to find two missed calls from Jae-in, but she gets a call from Ji-soo before she can even think of responding to Jae-in.

At SH Mall, Tae-ha coincidentally spots Da-hyun trying on hats from afar. He’s surprised to see Ji-soo beside her, and notes how much like a couple they seem before he walks off.

Da-hyun and Ji-soo head off to a study café afterwards, but Da-hyun can’t get her mind off the missed calls from Jae-in. She steps away for a bit and contemplates calling him back. She thinks better of it and starts to walk over to Ji-soo, when she accidentally bumps a little too forcefully into a stranger and breaks her phone.

At night, Jae-in waits at Da-hyun’s house, hoping to get a chance to explain. He knocks on her door, repeatedly calling her again and again while pacing back and forth on the rooftop patio.

When Da-hyun finally gets home and sees Jae-in waiting for her, she marches up to him and makes a swift turn for her door, giving Jae-in the cold shoulder. Jae-in is not about to let things end here, and he insists that Da-hyun let him explain himself over dinner.

She reluctantly relents when Jae-in tells her that he’s starving, and the air clears over dinner when Da-hyun hears that Jae-in was faced with a bomb threat. She asks in concern if he got hurt, and he says that it was just a prank, the two of them agreeing that things could have been much worse.

Da-hyun wonders if Jae-in’s nasty personality has anything to do with causing the bomb threat, and surprisingly, Jae-in thoughtfully admits that it’s a plausible reason. Da-hyun tells Jae-in to be a nicer person from now on, teasing that something worse could happen to him, and he just quips that he hasn’t done anything bad enough to deserve a bomb threat.

Noting that all sorts of things happen at a hotel, Da-hyun surmises that people don’t just go to hotels to sleep. Jae-in cheekily agrees, telling Da-hyun that there are lots of things that happen behind the closed doors of a hotel room, and the meaning’s not lost on her as she looks away to hide her embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Tae-ha is flipping through the pictures of Da-hyun and Ji-soo that he snapped earlier in the day, wondering what he should do with them to cause the most damage.

At the restaurant, Da-hyun is returning from a trip to the bathroom when Jae-in grabs her hand and sits her down next to him. He points out the other couple nearby being all lovey-dovey when Da-hyun asks what he’s doing. Feeling awkward, she tries to extricate her hand from his grasp, but Jae-in just frowns and interlocks their fingers.

Acquiescing, Da-hyun lets Jae-in hold her hand as they sip on their drinks. She looks around, still feeling a little embarrassed by the public display of affection, and doesn’t notice Jae-in dozing off. Suddenly, his head falls onto her shoulder, and she peers carefully at his sleeping form, her facial expression softening as she lets him take a much-needed rest.


Can it be? Is Jae-in really evolving into a decent human being, thanks to Da-hyun? I still think that Jae-in has a tendency to be possessive and controlling, but I’m finding him to be a lot less frustrating this week — mostly because his teasing has gotten a lot more playful and good-natured, as opposed to the way he used to tease Da-hyun just to get a rise out of her.

Take, for example, his jokes about sleeping with her — he’s still joking about it, but he’s lost that aggravating, impish smirk; yes, he still likes seeing Da-hyun flustered, but his teasing has become more of a thing where he’s laughing with her, and not laughing at her.

What’s more, while he’s probably been genuinely invested in the relationship for a while now, it’s only this week that he’s really letting his concern show in a way that doesn’t involve just bickering with her.

Jae-in has stopped referring to their relationship as a purely business one — when he talks to Lawyer Park, to Hyun-jin, and most importantly, to Da-hyun, he’s always pretty serious about the relationship. That’s why the hurt was written all over his face when Da-hyun described them as just being in a relationship where they meet up once a week, and I’m glad he didn’t take her words at face value or let his pride get in the way of making up with her.

In fact, I was a little worried that they would just let the misunderstanding fester, and I couldn’t understand for the life of me why Jae-in couldn’t have just told Da-hyun about the bomb threat straight from the beginning. How could he possibly expect Da-hyun not to be mad if he didn’t give her the full explanation for why he stood her up?

Thankfully, that last scene turned out to be a real treat. We all know that Da-hyun’s joking when she suggests Jae-in’s nasty personality being the cause of the bomb threat, but I’m surprised that Jae-in played along with it, even going so far as to reflect a little bit, instead of vehemently denying it or getting irritated by her teasing.

Then there’s the adorable part where he dozed off on Da-hyun’s shoulder, and she peered over at him curiously, as if she were seeing a new side to him. It’s clear that Da-hyun has already fallen pretty hard for Jae-in, but in that moment, it seems like Da-hyun is just starting to realize how much Jae-in depends on her to be his anchor in this crazily hectic life of his.

While the main relationship is really gearing up, I’m worried about what our antagonists might bring to the table. What exactly does Tae-ha plan to do with those pictures of Ji-soo and Da-hyun? Why is Jae-in’s ex-fiancée back and what is she up to? Who planned the bomb threat at Jae-in’s hotel?

I’m inclined to think that Jae-in has a bigger enemy than just Grandpa. A bomb threat is not just a prank — there’s malicious intent behind it, and I want to believe that as crazy as Grandpa is, even he wouldn’t go that far. Tae-ha is a little fishy, but he seems singularly focused on figuring out what’s going on between Jae-in and Da-hyun, so I’m putting him aside as a suspect for now.

That leaves Joo-hee, who was suspiciously at the hotel while Jae-in was dealing with the bomb threat. There’s not much to go on, but her short interaction with Jae-in already tells us that she’s a vicious one, and considering there’s no love lost between the two of them, I wouldn’t put it past her to be capable of pulling off a bomb threat.

Up ahead, there are a lot of issues that Jae-in will need to weather through — from Grandpa’s shenanigans, to Tae-ha’s plotting, to Joo-hee’s unwelcome return, to just the general stresses of being a CEO. Let’s just hope that Da-hyun will be able to stick through all of it with him, keeping him the decent person he’s managed to become.