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TVB Daddy Dearest Episode 17 SUB

Ku Tse-keung (Johnson Lee) is an absentee father who boost to his son Ku Tui-nam (Marcus Lo), of his busy life because of his important business meetings and huge deal makings. However Tse-keung is really just a simple real-estate agent who cares more about work then spending time with his son. His work life is so important to him that he would rather cancel his parental visits with Tui-nam and use his personal time to socialize with his boss. Tse-keung’s inability to keep promises to his son has left him in a strain relationship with his ex-wife and her fiancee having to take on daddy duties for Tui-nam. When his ex-wife leaves Hong Kong to get marry and honeymoon, Tui-nam is left in Tse-keung’s care for an extended period. Jealous that his son is growing closer to his new step-father, Tse-keung takes this task seriously to be a dutiful responsible dad. However not use to taking care of his son has left Tse-keung often overlooking his son’s needs and feelings.

After seeing his client Flower Chu Lei-fa (Mandy Wong), who is a teacher at a leaning center teach Tui-nam how to do homework, Tse-keung decides to enroll Tui-nam in Flower’s learning center instead of having Tui-nam tag along with him to work. When Flower and her landlord finds out Tse-keung had doctored their rental lease in order to complete a sale, they file a compliant against Tse-keung. Due to his underhand actions to complete a sale, Tse-keung’s real-estate license is suspended for 6 months. Tse-keung notices Flower’s learning center struggling because she is too nice to her students by refusing to charge extra for overtime and collect tuition when a student cannot pay. After a teaching staff quits and threatens to take Flower’s students with her, Flower ask Tse-keung who is business minded to advice her on how to save learning center. Tse-keung instead suggest he become a business partner at her learning center. In exchange Flower advises Tse-keung on how to be a caring parent to Tui-nam who she notices is often neglected due to his independence.

Marius Seung Nim-shu (Jason Chan) is also an absentee father, but unlike Tse-keung his long business trips takes him away from his family. As an architect, his career takes him away from his family for months. However he is always thinking of his family and can’t wait to get back to them. Even though he is a loving dad to his kids, his hectic work life causes him to miss out on important events in his children’s life and getting both his daughter Seung Yee and son Seung Yi’s birthday’s mixed up. After being lectured by his academic importance father, Marius become concern for his son Seung Yi’s (who is entering elementary school soon) academics. Marius request time-off from work, but his boss depends on him and refuses to allow him any time-off, even suggesting Marius takes his entire family with him on his next business trip. Feeling his son is more important, Marius quits his job and decides for the next 6 months he will concentrate solely on finding the right school for Yi.

Tse-keung and Marius first meet when the two fight for the same robotic toy for their sons. The two meet again when Marius joins Flower’s leaning center as a part-time tutor in order to help his son.