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TVB House of Spirits Episode 16 SUB

– Nancy Wu will play a plumber. She is a very manly girl. She will show off her muscles. She is an orphan; she really envies Bobby Au Yeung’s family frequently quarrelling. She and Bobby are a pair.
– Helena Law will play a timid ghost.
– Bowie Wu will play a timid ghost.
– Lau Kong will play a ghost.
– Joyce Tang will play Bobby’s younger sister. She and Tsui Wing are a married couple.
– Koni Lui will play Yu Fa (余花), who has ‘Princess Syndrome’. She frequently argues with her sister-in-law, Joyce (i.e., the elder sister of her husband). She is Bobby’s sister-in-law (i.e., the wife of his younger brother). She and Cheung Wing Hong are a married couple.
– Calvin Chan will play Cheung Chun (張震).

Bobby Au Yeung, Nancy Wu, Joyce Tang, Koni Lui, Helena Law, etc. were in TVB City filming a Sales Presentation promotional clip for the new series “A House of Friends”.

Bobby revealed that this series will begin filming next month. This Sales Presentation clip is purely humour. In the series, do not have to dress up in weird looks. This is a modern series. The storyline is slightly similar to the classic series “Don’t Look Now” and “No One Is Innocent”. Helena, Bowie Wu, and Lau Kong are ghosts, while they are all humans. Bobby said that he and Nancy play a pair in the series, but temporarily does not know the nature of it: “Should be a bickering pair. Will not be a romantic love story…would also not be me doing these”.

Nancy plays a renovator who does plastering. She is a very many girl, and also has to show off her muscles.

Joyce and Tsui Wing play a married couple.

Koni plays a ghost: “This is a comedy. I like rather happy characters…able to bring happiness to viewers”.